Xubaz scarf with iPod pocket

Laurie A. Duncan
L. Duncan|11.10.06

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Laurie A. Duncan
November 10th, 2006
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Xubaz scarf with iPod pocket
Just when you thought you'd seen every possible article of clothing get an iPod pocket, along comes a new one. Joining the endless parade of iPod-toting jackets, hats, glasses, headphones, armbands, jeans, shirts, neck ties - even bras - comes the Xubaz (pronounced shoe-baz) scarf. It's a gender-neutral (well, you be the judge on that one) scarf-type accessory (or shawl, if you prefer) lined with pockets that can hold a variety of things, but pointing out that it can carry an iPod gives it a certain cachet. It's reversible so the pockets can be flaunted or hidden and it comes in a variety of colors, sizes (lengths) and fabrics. For $50 it can be yours.

All kidding aside, this thing looks pretty handy. I'm the kind of gal who eschews purses and pocketbooks. I use backpacks exclusively, preferring to keep my hands free and shoulders straight, and am constantly looking for ways to add more accessible pockets to my wardrobe. I've tried geek vests and cargo pants, but they all look pretty awful and add too much bulk to my already bulky frame. In the cool and cold months here on the east coast I'm pretty much covered on the pocket front, since wearing a jacket gives me a few extra pockets to stash my cell, Blackberry, iPod, keys, wallet and all the other crap I insist on carrying around all day - but in the warmer months I long for more pockets than my jeans can provide. This thing might be a good solution, and it seems like it would especially excel at easing the pocket-emptying hassle at airport security.

How 'bout you? Would you wear one of these?

[via MacMerc]
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