Installing and using the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive (with video!)

Ryan Block
R. Block|11.12.06

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Ryan Block
November 12th, 2006
Installing and using the Xbox 360 HD DVD drive (with video!)
Installing the Xbox 360's HD DVD drive wasn't as simple as we might have expected -- it actually required an install disc instead of having 100% of the support built in with the fall update. The upshot here is the install was totally seamless (as one would expect), and only took about 3 minutes. Click on for install process shots and a quick video of the drive in action.

The setup is a little weird, in that when you pop in the drive, it detects it and gives you the HD DVD menu update we saw from before. Unfortunately, it's not that easy (nor was support entirely rolled into the fall update).

As soon as you try to play that HD DVD, it'll prompt you to throw in the update disc. Thankfully that process couldn't have been easier.

Put in the disc, and it'll load up the update.

Of course, you can always back out if you like.

A little more waiting...

Then a little updating.

And now we're done, see how painless that was?

Now just pop out your install disc and you're good to go.

Our favorite part, however, is the glowing green eject button.

Brief version.

Extended mix.
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