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AMD's PIC canned as OLPC production begins

AMD announced in its third quarter SEC filing that it has ceased the manufacture of their Personal Internet Communicator (PIC) product for emerging markets due to lack of material revenue. Really now, with all the hype surrounding Negroponte's CM12B1XO Children's Machine and the fact that the XO costs a full Benjamin less at $100about $140, is anyone surprised? Still, AMD isn't completely out of the game: the XO runs an AMD Geode processor. Just last week, the first 10 prototype units were "hand-built" for the purposes of evaluating the XO's custom components, systems-integration testing, and to ensure that the production process holds up. Another 900 units are then set to rollout from Quanta this week for "destructive testing" and distribution to development partners like Brazil who have already earmarked 50 units. With potential for sales (at razor-thin margins) in the tens of millions, well, you might still get a decent cut of the revenue pie anyway AMD, unless of course countries use that money for clean water and uh, schools.

[Via Slashdot]

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