EA exec says "better graphics are for losers"... not verbatim

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|11.13.06

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EA exec says "better graphics are for losers"... not verbatim
I think we touched on this topic a long, long, long time ago. So long ago that I don't feel like searching the archives for a related link. Apologies, but it's probably better this way. Glenn Entis, senior VP of Electronic Arts, has stated that graphics are getting too much attention and that attention is being detracted from motion physics and gameplay mechanics. For example, he says, "it's hard to believe in a character that looks extremely lifelike if they don't move and behave in realistic ways." Isn't there a phrase for that? The plastic doll effect or something? Where a character looks incredibly real, but they end up being too shiny, or expressionless?

We'll leave the Final Fantasy bashing aside. It could have just as easily been any other game. Plus, they did a pretty good job with it in XII. Anyway. Another issue is the fact that, even if facial features and motion capture are mastered, if the people voicing the characters are pretty low-quality actors, the performance will remain unconvincing. It's not one area that needs focusing on, then... it takes a lot of different qualities to create a truly compelling character. If you guys had to choose a single aspect of next-gen gaming to be worked on, what would you cast your vote for? Think it over.
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