Motorola MOTOFONE F3 gets by FCC

The FCC is many things to many people, but for us, it's a library and an informant. In its latter capacity, the agency has scooped literally dozens upon dozens of phones for us; in its former, it serves as one of the most comprehensive sources of mobile phone user's manuals on the 'net. They're putting on their starched, three-piece suits and playing their librarian role this time around, releasing a cornucopia of PDFs relating to Motorola's low-cost MOTOFONE F3. The draft manual is a breath of fresh air for the manual haters among us -- we know who you are -- if it carries through to production in its current form, bearing just 10 (yes, ten) panels of important information on what appears to be a foldable pamphlet. Ultra low-end or not, we have to admit an irrational excitement is building around Engadget HQ to play around with this thing -- especially if the brief documentation suggests it's going to take like 90 seconds to learn.