Gresso hopes to claim piece of luxury phone market

It seems like companies are jumping into the luxury market following the high profile of Vertu and Mobiado, and who can really blame them? These businesses have esteemed clientele, rare, sought after products, and the kind of prestige only an insane product margin can afford. Thus, welcome what purports to be the latest to the game: the Gresso luxury phone. Their first model, whose official name is a secret for all but those to lay over the requisite (but also unknowable) cash, is made from African Blackwood and Gold, with a Sapphire crystal display. Of course, the utter lack of tech and product specs is a little unnerving, but the fact that the only way to contact Gresso is via their Hotmail address is downright sketchwardo. Did we mention it's Russian only? So you be the judge, eh?