Japanese researchers create dancing cuttlefish robot

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Japanese researchers create dancing cuttlefish robot
Researchers at Future University in Hakodate, Japan have either been spending way too much of their own time and money or have the best gig ever, recently unveiling a dancing robot squid they've created to to help celebrate an upcoming harbor festival. More specifically, the bot's supposed to be a cuttlefish, a fellow cephalopod native to the area that may or may not be able to bust a move, although its robot counterpart certainly can. Measuring about 2.2 meters (or 86 inches) tall, the cuttlefish bot uses air pressure to get its limbs into a groove and is apparently controllable via cellphone -- no doubt in order to keep a safe distance away from it. Unfortunately, we'll have to wait until next August to see it in action, although that should give it plenty of time to perfect its routine.

[Via Plastic Bamboo]
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