KT intros NT-Q35 WiBro-equipped laptop

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Donald Melanson
November 14th, 2006
KT intros NT-Q35 WiBro-equipped laptop
Korea Telecom has introduced what it claims to be the world's first WiBro-equipped laptop -- not manufactured by KT mind you (they're big, but not that big), but by Samsung. The model in question is an updated version of Sammy's well-received Q35, with DMB capabilities also added to the mix in addition to that high-speed WiBro goodness. We presume the rest of the specs remain the same, however, with a 12-inch widescreen display, Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processor, up to 1GB of RAM, and an 80GB hard drive in a lightweight four-pound package. Look for this one to come in between 1,600,000 and 2,000,000 won, or between $1,700 and $2,140 -- in Korea only, naturally.
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