Nintendo exec thinks new format war is bad for gamers

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Nintendo exec thinks new format war is bad for gamers
According to Pierre-Paul Trépanier, Marketing Director for Nintendo Canada, the new format war is "unfair to gamers." Stating that he believes it's a bad thing to try and force new technologies on gamers, such as HD-DVD and Sony's Blu-Ray formats, Trépanier took part in an interview during the Montréal International Games Summit and elaborated further:

"When I'm buying a gaming system, I'm focused on the games; I want to play games, and I think that's the primary reason why someone would buy a gaming system," he said, continuing "I think forcing a decision on consumers would certainly not be part of Nintendo's strategy, because we want to get more people into gaming and we want to make it affordable. Forcing people to adopt a technology and a model that's proprietary and still not established is unfair to gamers."

Sounds about right to us, although we probably wouldn't agree that a company choosing to support a different disc format isn't as bad a thing as the Nintendo Canada Marketing Director is making it out to be.
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