Nyko's Intercooler 360 surpasses 500,000 units shipped

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Nyko's Intercooler 360 surpasses 500,000 units shipped
Despite concerns about Intercooler 360's power-leeching design*, Nyko has managed to ship over 500,000 units to retailers worldwide.

This is a significant achievement for the peripheral manufacturer, which had the savvy to exploit mass hysteria generated from rumors that Xbox 360 overheats to the point of malfunction (which it doesn't, unless a unit is truly defective). The real genius employed was in deciding Intercooler's price. At $20, consumers have proved willing to bite. The relatively low cost seems to outweigh the risks (i.e., it might be just a noisy fan).

With this level of success, think a PlayStation 3 model is far behind?

*In response to this alleged defect, Nyko vows: "For those consumers who feel they have received a defective product, Nyko will replace both the damaged Intercooler 360 and Xbox 360 console upon first hand verification that the Intercooler 360 caused the system to fail."
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