PS3 hopefuls, part III: Best Buy shoos away Burbank campers

You know, for a minute there, just a fleeting moment, we thought Best Buy was for serious about its attempt this year at making the procurement of a next-gen console a bit less of the painful, scarring memory that the Xbox 360 launch was for many. Sure, Best Buy still might have a few tricks up its sleeve to appease the next-gen faithful, but to us this newfound love and acceptance of console crazies was best represented by the burgeoning line of Burbank-campers. But no longer. After waiting 4 days for the campers to settle in, Best Buy kicked the whole group of its property on Friday afternoon. No word on whether the decision is from corporate, the local mall or the local Best Buy management, but we do know that it's 4 days of non-showering, job-quitting and engagement-postponing all for naught. A true modern tragedy.

[Thanks, TJ B.]