Freeverse puts 'Big Bang' in Brain Games

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Freeverse puts 'Big Bang' in  Brain Games
so where's this big bang at?Not one to miss out on the 'brain training' craze, Freeverse Software has announced its own line of puzzlers and memory trials designed to keep your dome fit, dubbed Big Bang Brain Games. We're not sure how the Big Bang comes into play, but you're free to download Reaction through Thursday -- the remaining five stimulators (Sudoku, Remembrance, Echo, Novasweeper, and Fallacy) will be released in December (not for free).

The Big Bang games were developed by Graveck Interactive using Over the Edge's Unity engine. Designed for Mac, the collection can be integrated with Apple's .Mac service, allowing trainees to show off their "Brain Scores" via Brain Pages. For those of you who can't land a headshot, this might be your best chance to top a leaderboard ... Big Bang l33t, holla!
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