Surprise! Enter Grimsquad, a new squad-based shooter

Nick Doerr
N. Doerr|11.15.06

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Surprise! Enter Grimsquad, a new squad-based shooter
Wow, this one came out of left-field. Very cool screenshots. Coming to you by the fellows behind Killzone: Liberation, Guerrilla Games, enter Grimsquad, a new squad-based shooter taking the over-the-shoulder perspective growing more and more popular. Apparently, "this game boasts tons of polygons and over the edge particle effects utilizing the processing power of Play Station 3. The character's armor is divided into 15 parts which gets destroyed when damaged." The destroyed part is okay, but there better be more than "shiny armor" and then "destroyed armor"... you know what I mean?

You control a four-man squad and face off against, you guessed it, an alien threat. Oh, and you can have 4-player co-op if you'd like, or go online in a 24 player bout. What else is surprising the the completion ratio of this game -- it's about 40% done. An expected release area is the first quarter of 2007, but since Killzone 2 was so harshly criticized by gamers, Guerrilla Games is remaining tight-lipped about this game.
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