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Thanko's hand-warming mousepad is Shamu-approved

Just in case you're too manly to rock the oh-so-toasty G-Gloves, and the hand-warming mouse wasn't functional enough, Thanko's busting out yet another zany offering to get your fingers (and hand, and wrist) nice and warm during the sub-zero winters some of us must endure. The USB / AC-powered, um, blue whale sports an insulated compartment to stuff your plain ole mouse as well as your mousing hand. There's also a "high / low" switch to control the fiery depths within, and just in case you'd rather not use your insulating mammal while on the PC, you can optionally connect it to any AC power source and attempt to shove both hands in simultaneously. The warm whale mousepad is available now to heat up those long, freezing evenings spent perusing through Engadget archives for just ¥2,480 ($21).

[Via Akihabara News]