Sony's PlayStation 3 review roundup

Ok, even though we didn't think Sony would ever pull together enough components to actually launch this thing (which probably explains the two week queue), the PlayStation 3 is finally upon us. You've witnessed the PS3 getting unboxed, getting some playtime, and getting ripped apart, but now you can finally hop off that fence you've been occupying and decide which console suits you best. Although you may lust after Sony's sleek and sexy new toy, chances are that you won't snag it on day one -- unless you don't mind getting shot at while you wait in line, of course. Nevertheless, the initial wave of first reviews are in, and those fortunate enough to have already given the highly coveted machine a few hours of their time have spoken. Generally, reviewers felt that ported titles didn't do much to take advantage of the PS3's extra horsepower, and a Business Week reviewer "walked away more impressed with what it could do than with what it currently does." Moreover, nearly everyone mentioned the obviously high pricetag, but somehow felt that the PS3 packed a big enough punch to justify it, and CNET even went so far as to state that you'd "feel you got your money's worth, from both a gaming and multimedia perspective." So whether these reviews send you shooting out of the office in hopes of landing a good spot in line, or solidify your feelings that the Xbox 360 or Nintendo Wii would better suit you, be sure to read on before swiping any card anywhere.

Read - CNET (8.8 out of 10; Excellent)
Read - Business Week (4 out of 5)
Read - DigitMag ("Very versatile")
Read - ITWorld ("I want one, but perhaps not immediately")