Thanko brings MP4 watch to market

With SolidAlliance too busy creepin' out the kids, who better than Thanko to bring the Shenzhen Adragon Digitek's MP4 watch to market? That's right, starting today in Japan, the 1GB model is all yours for ¥14,800 (about $125) or ¥18,800 (about $159) for the 2GB version. Besides playing videos on that eye-corrosive 1.5-inch, 128x128, 260k color display, this watch will also playback MP3/WMA files which can be easily transfered in USB storage mode and listened to over standard 2.5-mm headphones. Just remember, "MP4" players of Chinese origin does not mean support for MPEG-4 video. In fact, this watch appears to support AVI, MPEG and WMV video formats but only after conversion into wildly popular NXV. Still interested?

[Via Impress]