Shenzhen Adragon Digitek offers up MP4-playing watch

If you're more interested in keeping a certain amount of full motion video strapped on your wrist than an actual clock (or breathalyzer, even), Shenzhen Adragon Digitek's MP4 watch provides the diversion you've been looking for. Similar in utility to Aigo's F209, Shenzhen's rendition provides a slightly less repulsive color scheme, and promises a very respectable nine hours of playback time. Reportedly sporting a snazzy color display, MP4 support, line-in capabilities, five EQ settings, and USB 2.0 connectivity, the timepiece can presumably provide a bit of underwater entertainment as well as it touts a "water / shockproof" enclosure. While details concerning the storage capacity, screen resolution, and pricing are MIA, the company is currently seeking firms to OEM the watch (any VCs in attendance?), so you might want to lookelsewhere if you don't have time (ahem) to wait around.