Sony not competing with Microsoft, Nintendo

Justin Murray
J. Murray|11.18.06

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Sony not competing with Microsoft, Nintendo

You'd think that after the buzz the PS3 has been getting lately, Sony would be a little more confident in itself. Analysts are predicting major victory for the PS3 and it even got a (pseudo) political endorsement. Yuichi Ejiri, general manager of sales and marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong, wasn't completely ecstatic about his product.

According to Dow Jones, Ejiri "conceded that competition in the game console market is intensifying with rivals Microsoft Corp. and Nintendo Co. offering cheaper devices," an odd concession from a Sony official on the day the PS3 launched in his own territory. The Hong Kong 60GB PS3, priced at HK$3,780 (or $485 US, those lucky bastards), is competition for HD-DVD, or so Ejiri says.

Sony is sending the consumer base mixed messages on what the PS3 is supposed to be. Is it competing against the Xbox 360 or against HD-DVD? Sony is going to have a difficult time trying to split loyalties between the two abilities. We suggest they pick one main feature (go for the games!) and treat the other as a value add.

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