The mind of a PS3 scalper (hint: it's not pretty)

Justin Murray
J. Murray|11.18.06

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The mind of a PS3 scalper (hint: it's not pretty)

We know those waiting on the PS3 were a vicious lot. We've seen them -- or actually experienced -- these hoards mob game stores and act in a generally violent manner. Some of these gathering Huns actually wanted the PS3 for themselves, but others did it for the eBay markup.

"Charlie", or so he identified himself to The Escapist, is one of those people giving those buying a PS3 today a bad worse image. Charlie is a scalper and he is not afraid to admit it. Charlie had a good night's sleep, showed up 30 minutes before the store opened, cut right in line, and helped himself to a pair of PS3s with the assistance of an employee friend. He brazenly boasts that "any true gamer who wanted it would have been waiting in line for three days."

While we weren't really crying for the PS3 campers, we can certainly feel for hopefuls who waited hours in the elements just to have someone show up and snatch the PS3 right from under their (no doubt very cold) nose. Charlie plans to flip the units on eBay for mad profits. Is he -- and those like him -- an enterprising entrepreneur or just some jerk who stole a legitimate gamer's fun?

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