Wii launch wrap-up

Wii came, Wii saw, Wii conquered. After hours in line getting worked into a frenzy, the unwashed masses were finally admitted into Toys "R" Us to pillage the store and escape with their Wii. Triforce, who we spotted earlier, was of course the first to get his Wii on, and therefore he and Reggie chatted it up through the purchase, after which he was mobbed by an adoring press. Things really didn't get much more exciting than that. Most people in line seemed quite cheery throughout the evening, the temperature was quite bearable, and perks like the Segwiis, free hats, free t-shirts and other such frivolities kept everybody entertained. We found the exact number of consoles available and the exact number of people lined up to be a bit elusive, but the best numbers we heard were about 4,000 consoles on hand, for around 2,500-3,000 customers. Peep the in-store pictures after the break.

Crap, I know I've got my wallet somewhere.

"Reggie says after all you guys leave he's going to sign my chest, I'm so stoked."

How's it feel to be #2?

And that's it! Thanks for sticking around... we'd also like to thank the whole Nintendo staff for pulling off a drive-by-shooting-free event.