Custom gameboots work dangerously on 2.80 [Update 1]

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Andrew Yoon
November 20th, 2006
Custom gameboots work dangerously on 2.80 [Update 1]

Those with homebrew on their PSPs have enjoyed a featured called "custom gameboots" for quite some time. These gameboots replace the PSP's default introductory sequence when launching a game. Players that were bored with seeing the PSP logo appear in front of a plain white background made cooler intros, usually involving anime characters, or ironically, gameboots from other machines.

It's been revealed on PSP3D that custom gameboots now work on PSPs with firmware 2.80. However, the method used is somewhat complicated that those without strong technical skills will certainly brick their PSPs trying to use it. "There are absolutely no safeguards in place when you use this program, and it allows you to do anything to any of the files in flash0. On firmware 2.80, even replacing a single PRX module will nearly guarantee a brick. We feel it's important to keep you guys safe, so we're going to keep this relatively quiet until a safer method can be published."

It appears that Sony's official firmware 2.80 has been cracked open like an egg. Expect the development community to continue to develop more and more interesting uses for the PSP as the weeks go by.

[Update 1: Program is now available.]
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