Dell throws down the Sprint EV-DO love

Hooo boy, there's nothing we love more than faster internet access available everywhere we go. Dell's just announced a new deal with Sprint to provide integrated EV-DO access on its D420, D620 (pictured), D820, XPS M1210 and M65 lappies. (Of course, Dell has offered EV-DO and HSDPA on the D620 and D820 previously, but this brings it to a few more models.) Alternatively, you can buy a Dell Wireless 5700-S internal mini-card for your existing lappie for $180 (whether Dell will also offer an ExpressCard version for Sprint remains to be seen) -- but in either case, you'll have to pay $60 per month for a two-year unlimited data access contract (if you have a voice plan, otherwise it's $80 a month). This'll give us yet another reason to consider forking over the coinage for serious connectivity; that EDGE stuff is getting real old.