Ingemi kicks out volume-constraining iHearSafe earbuds

Listen up folks, while you might look mighty trendy rocking those headphones 24 / 7, you should be well aware by now that prolonged periods of heightened volumes can lead to embarrassing moments of near deafness in the future. While one (probably over concerned) citizen in Louisiana and a swarm of French folk both sued Apple for not providing volume limiters on its earbuds, your kid (or you, too) could be harmfully cranking it to eleven if your DAP doesn't sport any kind of volume controlling functionality. Ingemi Corp. -- where "kids comes first," mind you -- have unveiled the iHearSafe 'buds which "have patent pending technology to keep the volume below 80 decibels," regardless of how far you jam that volume knob or incensed you become. Featuring a standard 3.5-millimeter jack, the earbuds are reportedly compatible with any major MP3 player, but priced at just $24.99, we can't imagine any sort of remarkable sound quality being emitted from these guys, quietly or otherwise.

[Via Techie Diva]