Sony DADC 50GB Blu-ray production underway

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Richard Lawler
November 22nd, 2006
Sony DADC 50GB Blu-ray production underway image
Sony DADC 50GB Blu-ray production underway image
The last time we checked in on Sony's Terra Haute, IN-based Blu-ray plant dual-layer 50GB discs were still nowhere to be seen, but the company announced recently it now has 6 50GB production lines up and running and is ramping up to produce 60,000 discs per day. According to the Executive Vice President production is "meeting expectations", and not a minute too soon. With the PlayStation 3 finally here and the BDP-S1 coming... some day if Blu-ray is going to win the format war they'll certainly need more than 25GB discs to do it. With over 130 BD titles mastered, including some dual-layer releases even though 50GB is late to the party, it's earlier than some anticipated.

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