Today's hottest game video: Link vs. Riku -- FIGHT!

Kevin Kelly
K. Kelly|11.22.06

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Today's hottest game video: Link vs. Riku -- FIGHT!
We wonder how much time these guys spent on this thing. If it was more than one Sunday afternoon, then we fear for their souls. It starts off pretty decent, and the costumes are nifty (check out Link's ears and Riku's hair -- dang), but then we get to the fighting and it just slows. way. down. Watch as I SWING WITH MY SWORD AND THEN ... *tap*. Check out Link's off the rock spin move, eh? He's so proud of it that he does it several times.

The video ends with, "It's not over yet." Dear god, why not? Is there a sequel brewing? Don't get us wrong, it was a nice effort ... just two minutes and 41 seconds too long. Check it out after the jump.
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