Japanese release day highlights: 11.23.06

Jonti Davies
J. Davies|11.23.06

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Jonti Davies
November 23rd, 2006
Japanese release day highlights: 11.23.06

Thursday, or "mokuyoubi" as they call it in these parts, is when our Japanese game dealer delivers our weekly fix and we hand over a ¥-stuffed envelope to said shady Kyoto shop owner. It's a ritual. Of course, it's not much of a ritual when there's nothing worthy of our ¥ennage, but this week there is. Plenty, in fact: we're particularly buzzing at the prospect of Konami's J-League Winning Eleven 10, because it nearly always plays more beautifully than the World Soccer Winning Eleven series that is exported to the R.O.W. (that means "rest of world" in shipping parlance, you know) as, well, World Soccer Winning Eleven -- and as Pro Evolution Soccer.

Our fix this week is a good one. Here are what we consider to be the best of today's new releases in Japan:
  • Boktai: Django and Sabata (winter sunshine from Sun King Kojima; DS)
  • Jump! Ultimate Stars (Manga fight club extravaganza; DS)
  • Culdcept Saga (cards and elks; Xbox 360)
  • Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 (bouncing; Xbox 360)
  • J-League Winning Eleven 10 + Europa League 06-07 (the world's purplest soccer league; PS2)
  • Jeanne D'Arc (she was a good woman; PSP)
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