Dueling unboxings: Delphi SkyFi3 vs. Pentax K10D

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Dueling unboxings: Delphi SkyFi3 vs. Pentax K10D
Ok, so they don't exactly have all that much in common but, you know us, we can't just let good unboxings (or even not so good ones) slide by unnoticed. The first comes courtesy of the fine folks at Orbitcast, who managed to get their hands on Delphi's SkyFi3 portable XM satellite radio. While they're promising a full review in the coming days, like the good geeks that they are, they snapped a few shots of the box and its contents to whet your appetite. The second product to go through the traditional unboxing ritual is Pentax's K10D 10.2 megapixel DSLR, which found its way into the hands of a Flickr user coincidentally named K10D. If the pics above aren't enough for ya, you can check out a couple of bigger ones after the break, and then hit up the links below for the complete unboxing action.

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[Thanks, A. Parker]
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