Keepin' it real fake, part XXXVII: China car makers strike again

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This isn't your daddy's China. After CMEC almost succeeded in building a total rip-off of a Smart Car (Autoblog china post)and then shipping it into Smart's own home turf (now CMEC claims it was unaware of how well it was duping Smart), Haunghai Automobile has managed do a fair bit of infringing on Hyundai's Santa Fe (pictured left) with its new SUV look-alike (right). The best part is the two cars recently shared a show floor at the Beijing Auto Show, where most industry insiders agreed that pretty much the whole front of the car is a replica of the Santa Fe. Oddly enough, the rest of the car apparently apes another Korean SUV: the Kia Sorento, but it's Hyundai Motor that is currently threatening legal action over the design theft. Apparently the Korean car giant will wait to see how its Santa Fe sales in China are effected by Haunghai's "homage" before it lays down a lawsuit -- though we can't believe its odds are good at doing anything but keeping this thing from being exported anywhere else; this is China we're talking about here.

Update:check autoblog china's post in Beijing Auto Show 2006:Qisheng CUV.

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