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Human WiFi sniffer is every geek's dream woman

Human WiFi sniffer is every geek's dream woman
Darren Murph
Darren Murph|November 27, 2006 6:22 PM
Alright Europe, things were dubious enough when you erased children's rights to wireless access after believing that the radiation a good chunk of internet users have been subjecting themselves to for years is suddenly cause for concern, but this is a bit much. Undoubtedly crossing the line between caution and hypochondria, a British author now claims that "electromagnetic waves" emitted by the WiFi setup in her crib "left her feeling exhausted, nauseous and sleepless." Moreover, she even states that she is so sensitive to 802.11 radiation that "she can instantly tell whether it is installed in a particular room." Aside from the above symptoms, Kate Figes (pictured) described a feeling of being "prodded by 1,000 fingers" when entering a room laced in WiFi, which presumably garnered all sorts of (understandable) skepticism. Sure, we could understand the backlash associated with cellphone signals causing all sorts of turmoil in your noggin, but if WiFi is the true brain cell killer, we're all pretty much on death row.

[Via TechDirt]
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