Last Week in Warcraft: Nov 20th - 26th

Elizabeth Harper
E. Harper|11.27.06

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Last Week in Warcraft: Nov 20th - 26th

Monday, November 20th

Breakfast Topic: What's your favorite quest chain?
Around Azeroth shows off a Feralas waterfall.
Spencer wonders whether MMOs have a bad rap.
Is WoW 2.0 coming tomorrow? (Answer: no.)
Forum Post of the Day: Grand Marshall for a whole year?

Tuesday, November 21st
A little PvP strategy can go a long way.
Today's WoW blog roundup.
Customizing the classes with rare and epic ability drops.
Breakfast Topic: Best change in WoW.
Around Azeroth takes us to visit the dancing Troll village.
WoW Moviewatch takes a look at what you might do if you had a surplus of World of Warcraft game boxes.
AddOn Spotlight: Buttons, more buttons!
A new World of Warcraft TV ad for your viewing pleasure.
Rumor has it that the collector's edition pet may be available only on new characters. (Update: Nethaera corrected herself later in the thread.)
Forum Post of the Day teaches us how to troll a forum.
Anyone else leaving WoW until the Burning Crusade?

Wednesday, November 22nd
The long and short of Battlegrounds.
Bot spotting 101.
Another week, another GuildWatch!
Breakfast Topic: Best and worst profession.
Around Azeroth takes you along on a wipe adventure in Blackwing Lair.
WoW Moviewatch brings us The Boss Rap.
World of Wiicraft?
Blizzard unbans Cedega users.
The Burning Crusade FAQ has been updated.
Forum post of the day brings us beauty tips for the living impaired.

Thursday, November 23rd
Breakfast Topic: New PvP system bringing you down?
Around Azeroth shows off a view of the Draenei's Exodar.

Friday, November 24th
Breakfast Topic: Patching!
Around Azeroth brings us to an early morning in Orgrimmar.
Phat Loot Phriday: Goblin Jumper Cables XL.

Saturday, November 25th

Breakfast Topic: Love is in the air.
Around Azeroth takes us into the crystal cave in remote Un'Goro crater.
Forum Post of the Day brings us the Bloodsails, speaking out against their hated Goblin rivals.
Some hope still for druids and consumables?

Sunday, November 26th
Breakfast Topic: Easiest class.
Around Azeroth takes us to Grim Batol in the rain.
Forum Post of the Day asks about opening the Ahn'Qiraj gates.

Last week's Last Week in Warcraft.
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