Nike Amp+ wireless iPod remote spotted

If that Nike + iPod concoction hasn't whipped you into shape yet with all of its sporty goodness, you might want to run and hide (well, maybe not run) from this upcoming Nike Amp+ wrist-mounted remote, which could very well prove irresistible. The fancy little thing, which has yet to be officially announced by either Apple or Nike, but somehow sneaked its way into the 2007 Men's Health Tech Guide, features music controls and LED-illuminated info readout to track your run. It supposedly syncs up with the mother-Pod via Bluetooth -- though we'd be surprised if they're changing out the current dongle that powers the Nike + iPod setup, so perhaps this is interoperable with that non-standard frequency. No word on exactly when we should be seeing this thing in stores, but it should be hitting for around $80 when it does.

[Via TUAW; thanks Evan]