The Sims moving to Wii

Nikki Inderlied
N. Inderlied|11.28.06

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The Sims moving to Wii

With the huge success of the Sims series, we aren't surprised to see it branching out to the latest consoles. While the Sims have taken on more adult themes, the upcoming Wii version looks like the game had a rough run-in with Animal Crossing. The characters and topics now resemble those found in games directed towards kids and adults who turn away from high graphics and violence.

The trailer shows characters flouncing about doing Animal Crossing-esque gestures with added facial expressions and sounds. While the trailer is void of controller use and character creation, a few screenshots give viewers a glimpse. As usual, our non-existent command of the Japanese language limits what we can gather from the site. Still, this title may be worth keeping up with.

Catch the video after the break!

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