A DS game for the emotional

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A DS game for the emotional
Known as EQ Trainer (through Google translation), the game's goal is not to measure how smart you are, but to measure your emotions and how you feel. How does the game measure your emotions, you ask? Well, apparently there are 3 game modes by which this is done. Solving problems is one method, with another, loosely-translated explanation for the second being "[the player] can forge four fields such as identifying and understanding the feeling respectively." The third way seems to be a kind of progressive chart, which has measured, and will measure, all of your emotions and forms a consistent reading.

A quirky title, but for such a dynamic platform as the DS, as well as previous titles taking full advantage of the system to offer non-conventional games, are we that surprised to see something of this nature crop up? Honestly, no, and for us here at DS Fanboy, we're kind of peeved we do not know Japanese and the odds of this title being localized are so slim as to be invisible.

[Via Go Nintendo]
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