Lenovo's T60 goes widescreen for the suits

Lenovo just launched a new, widescreen version of their T60 laptop. Already, NotebookReview have posted their thoughts on Lenovo's Core 2 Duo, flagship business lappie. The new 15.4-inch widescreens feature a hefty WSXGA+ (1680x1050) resolution; pixels-a-plenty for side-by-side windowing action. However, unlike Dell's and HP's 15.4-inch offerings, Lenovo has simply made widescreen an optional config as they'll continue churning-out 15.4-inch models with 4:3 displays that execs traditionally prefer to bumble about on. The IPS display is made by Samsung and is the same "solid" panel found in many Dell laptops. It offers good brightness (for a business laptop) and superb viewing angles -- something which may or not be desirable when working on your M&A strategy from the airplane. And the 2.0GHz Core 2 Duo performs as Core 2 Duos do, no surprises there. Overall build quality is rated as "top notch" coming in at just over an inch thick and 5.5-pounds. And while you might expect an enhanced keyboard due to the extra space, forget it, it's the same keyboard we've seen before (not a bad thing). With the all-business T60 gone wide, there should be little doubt about the future of widescreen laptops in the office now.