Lenovo drops new T60 and X60 Dual Core laptops

Lenovo has just announced their new T60 and X60 Yonah lines that include Dual Core processors in the high end, along with options for Verizon EV-DO in both lines. We couldn't glean any info as to whether these will support HSDPA as well, but what we do know is that the compact X60 'books score you an XGA 12.1-inch screen, 7.5 hours of battery life, and weigh 2.7 pounds, while the T60 line (pictured) sports 15.1-inch displays, but still keeps things light and skinny at 4.5 pounds and 1-inch thick. All the laptops are privy to PCI-Express graphics, with the T60p running the 256MB ATI FireGL card, and the T60 line can support serial ATA drives and up to 4GBs of RAM.

[Thanks, The Futonhow]