Snag a Premium 360 for $200?

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Richard Mitchell
November 29th, 2006
Snag a Premium 360 for $200?
The Micro Center rebate saga continues this week. First, they announced the $100 360 rebate (Core or Premium). Next, they extended the deal through the holidays. And now, it seems you can knock off another $100 by employing a little trickery. Signing up for a Micro Center credit card and making a purchase of $399 will net you enough redeemable points to claim a $100 check. For those keeping score, that's $200 off the price of a Premium pack, effectively dropping the price to $199 ... high five! It should be noted that we don't have confirmation that this will work, but considering the credit card deal applies to purchases of $399, it seems like it was actually made specifically for this purpose.

Remember, you might have to hoof it quite a ways, though, as there are only 19 Micro Center locations in the US. Our advice: make a detour (or twelve) on your way to grandma's house for the holidays.

[Thanks, Dave Zatz]
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