Apple boxes as objets d'art

Laurie A. Duncan
L. Duncan|12.01.06

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Apple boxes as objets d'art
There have been many discussions in the past about what to do with your Apple boxes once you've unboxed your gear, and some people even think Mac boxes make great furniture, but this may be the first case I've seen of people using old Apple boxes purely as home decor.

Mike and Regina shared their idea with Apartment Therapy, an NYC-based home design blog... "Here's a great way to save money, spruce up your apartment, and reduce waste. If you buy something small and have a nice-looking product box, then save it and use it as a decoration. Small cubbyholes or nooks and crannies can be spiced up for free and do the environment a favor. From consumption and waste to useful art. I happen to be partial to Apple products so I use their excellently designed boxes in my apartment instead of buying more stuff to decorate with. I save money, and save on the landfill."

Sure, with Apple the packaging is part of the appeal, but as much as I like the way the boxes look, I'm not sure I'd want to decorate my home with them. My office perhaps, but not my home. I'd prefer to let the products themselves be the focal point. My Cubes are always conversation starters when people spot them all over my apartment, but if I left my Cube boxes on display it would look I have a serious storage problem, not a flair for design.

I think one of the commenters on the AT post summed it up nicely: "If they sold Mac boxes at West Elm in persimmon these people would be all over'em like white on rice."
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