Panasonic's Bucking Bronco fitness equipment: no, we're not kidding

Has Panasonic become the upscale SolidAlliance of Japanese electronics? Wait, hear us out. First they dropped the EY3002 computerized mattress onto our sallow souls, now this, the exer-bronco. Although classified as fitness, not fetish gear, the mechanicals do list stirrups and handles as optional equipment. And get this, you can even kit the rig out with an oxygen tank just in case you get a little breathless from "working out." Er, isn't that the point? Prices for that hot, buckin' action exceed ¥300,000 (more than $2500) which might be worth if only for a bit of Wii integration. Help us Bud and Sissy, you're their only hope.

[Thanks, ScooterJP]