Thanko Video Glasses for iPod make you the coolest kid in town

We're still not really sure who exactly is buying these crazy-looking video visor displays, but companies still seem to be coming out with 'em. Thanko's the latest to try its hand at one of these crazy getups; its new offering is supposed to simulate a 37-inch screen when viewed at two meters (6.5 feet). The price of ¥29,800 ($256) isn't bad either, though it doesn't quite match the $200 cost of the Kowon MSP-209 visor that we spotted back in May. Still, the main reason why we're holding off on getting these (aside from the fact that they probably won't come Stateside anytime soon), is that we're waiting for a set that can simulate HD. Of course, we could just watch "Battlestar Galactica" on our HD sets at home, but then we wouldn't look nearly as ridiculously cool as this dude pictured above.

[Via Impress]