Pimps at Sea (Halo 3) sighted on Live, yar!

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Savvy Live denizens spotted some Bungie employees enjoying Pimps at Sea yesterday. Pimps at Sea is sort of a running joke with Bungie -- they even claimed that was the game they would develop after Halo 2. The Bungie employees showed this text on their Live status:

"Playing Pimps at Sea (Alpha).
Sailing, Yarr!"

It's more than likely that this refers to the alpha of Halo 3's multiplayer component, which 1UP got to sample last month. Still, we honestly hope that Bungie bites the bullet and actually makes Pimp at Sea someday. The idea of high seas pimpage is just too good not to develop. Come on, Bungie, get to it (yarr!). Now that you have true next gen power at your disposal, you can finally realize the dream that is Pimps at Sea!

[Via Joystiq]
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