Acer's AT3705 becomes first LCD TV to receive Viiv certification

While we're still firm believers that nobody is exactly certain what all this Viivfuss is about, Acer has been labeled the first producer of a Viiv-certified LCD TV, which "tests for compatibility of networked media devices with Intel Viiv technology-based PCs while sharing content over a home network." The 37-inch, HD-ready AT3705 is marketed as "the first LCD TV that integrates digital TV with media gateway functionality," and reportedly plays back content such as recorded digital TV broadcasts and "protected media" purchased at content service providers thanks to its support for DTCP-IP (Digital Transmission Content Protection over IP). Essentially, the set allows seamless playback of protected content stored on Viiv-enabled HTPCs, presumably providing one more headache when trying to watch last week's OTA HD broadcast of The Office. Regardless, we're sure the content guardians are lovin' it, and Acer will gladly take any sort of praise it can get, but we're not so sure this (yet-to-be-priced) set is as spectacular (or useful) as the firm would lead you to believe.

[Via CEPro]