Kati Kim and children found, James Kim still missing

Kati Kim and the Kim children (Sabine and Penelope) were just found alive in Oregon; they apparently flagged down a search and rescue helicopter that was hunting for the missing family. James Kim is still missing, however. From what we understand he left two days ago in search of help. We do not yet know how deep in the Oregon wilderness the Kim family was, the circumstances that brought them there, or the condition of Kati and her children, although she and the children have been airlifted to a local hospital. More news as we get it.

For those unfamiliar, CNET editor James Kim and his family have been missing in Oregon for over a week now. All our previous coverage can be found here.

CNET has more information here. A press conference will be held at 5:00PM PST today. CNET TV is rebroadcasting that conference online. We will be liveblogging it here to keep you up to the minute with the latest Kim family updates.

Press conference updates: Apparently James's tracks were found for two miles leading away from their car, and followed along the side of a road, over a ridge and into a ravine. Choppers will continue the search through the night with night vision optics.

Kati and the children are reportedly in "very good shape." Carson helicopters, Randy Jones, and federal agencies had four ships in the air at all times, and were assisted by Edge Wireless's cell-tower hit model which helped locate the Kims' wireless signals. The search will continue with dogs, more choppers, and all possible resources 24x7. James is likely to have made it as far as 20 miles.

The Kims were stuck in the snow off a main road; for the last 8 days the family kept warm at night by running their car. Eventually the Kims burned tires at night when the gas ran out. James left his family at 7:45AM with the intention to return by 1:00PM that day, but obviously has not yet returned. Those concerned are encouraged to check for further updates.

Update (12/5): In another press conference this morning, we learned that while searching for James Kim in the Oregon wilderness heat traces were spotted with infrared cameras. Unfortunately those attempting to find James have been unable to get into the area where the heat traces were spotted, and unable to yet verify if this is James (or a woodland animal). Another press conference has been scheduled for 4:15PM PST today; we'll keep you up to the minute.