NaturalPoint TrackClip PRO brings motion tracking to gameplay

Cyrus Farivar
C. Farivar|12.05.06

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NaturalPoint TrackClip PRO brings motion tracking to gameplay
Any serious gamer already has a headset so he/she can bark commands/encouragement/taunts at his/her teammates while keeping both hands free. But what most gamers probably don't have is a way to glance around the gaming environment with a simple turn of the head. To solve this problem, NaturalPoint, along with Creative Labs, have just announced the TrackClip PRO, a sensor that latches onto your existing headset, but changes your field of view so that each time you look about any axis (roll, pitch, yaw), you'll see exactly what's going on in the game. It can be yours for $40 and will start shipping on December 4, provided that you can tear yourself away from your World of Warcraft marathon long enough to find your credit card.

[Via NaturalPoint press release]
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