DarwiinRemote lets Wiimote control your Mac

We've seen the Wiimote do its fair share of damage during its short, spunky lifespan, but the serious crowd has done its part in hacking up the Wii as well. Aside from sensor bar, um, mods, and tricky wrist strap fixes, a few engineering minds have even found the Wiimote (somewhat) useful on a PC. Per usual, the endearing Mac crowd is up to the challenge as well, as Hiroaki has unveiled an admittedly "unstable" piece of OS X-friendly software to allow Nintendo's Wiimote to mimic the Apple Remote. While the possibilities for a more fleshed-out version are certainly obvious, the current build sports a full key map to help you push aside that delayed Apple Remote purchase, and reportedly allows you to mouse around a bit (albeit shakily). While the exact details are a bit scant at this point, the DarwiinRemote will purportedly work with IR-equipped Macs, as well as ones with Bluetooth, so be sure and hit the read link to get your download on.

[Via TUAW]