Dutch ready to kill analog TV, zeros and ones rejoice!

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The Dutch have Haarlem and we've got Harlem; they have Amsterdam and we've got New Amsterdam New York City; they've got 100% terrestrial digital television broadcasts and we've got, we've got, er, hmm. That's right, this weekend The Netherlands is throwing the big red digital switch putting an end to the terrestrial analog television transmissions blanketing the country since 1951. That makes them the world's first and opens up those old frequencies for say, mobile digital TV, Mobile WiMax or enhanced emergency services. The 74,000 or so households still receiving analog broadcasts can purchase DVB-T set top boxes at an expense of between €40 and €80. Even then, users will only have access to a few public broadcasting channels without some type of paid subscription. So when is the US making the cutover? 2009. Yeah, we know.

[Thanks, Wouter]

Read -- Nu.nl (Dutch)
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