Electroluminescent displays hit jerseys, convey stats to fans

Although names, numbers, and logos are commonplace figures on your average sports jersey, electroluminescentdisplays could be the next big thing to hit professional sports. In what's sure to elicit drooling from advertising firms everywhere, the University of Australia's Mitchell Page and Andrew Vande Moere has developed a basketball "vest," more commonly known as a "singlet," which sports a number of light-up displays designed to convey a bevy of information to onlookers, teammates, and mascots opponents. Aside from resembling your average Laser Tag apparel, the vest receives communications via a wireless computer (about the size "of an iPod") which is strapped to the player's body; the device then channels information about their "points, fouls, and the amount of time left in the game" to the glowing panels. The technology, dubbed TeamAwear (for "team sports awareness wearable display"), has already been implemented on small two-on-two matchups with apparent success, but there's no word on when we'll see Kobe's jersey lighting up like the Las Vegas skyline.