Lamest. Press. Release. Ever: SoundShare

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Lamest. Press. Release. Ever: SoundShare
Here at TUAW, we read a lot of press releases. I mean a lot of press releases. And I stumbled across one this morning for "SoundShare".

Maybe I'm just not getting it. Maybe there's more to it. Advanced Technetix puts out a press release announcing a product, which "enables iPod™ users to connect two different stereo headphones or speakers to their iPod™ through a single jack." Isn't this exactly the same thing as the audio splitter I bought for a buck at the dollar store, which my daughters use to listen to the iPod together?

Advanced Technetix's CEO actually goes on record saying that the Sound Share is "not a technical marvel by any stretch, [but] is a simple, elegant and powerful low-price point product".

Now, it isn't as if splitters can't be interesting. Take Boostaroo. The Boostaroo headphone amplifier and splitter provides a 110% volume increase and can boost two audio outputs at the same time. That's cool. Our Laurie is a big fan of theirs. The built-in amp takes the splitter to the next level.

But as Laurie says, even a lame ass press release can have a purpose and sell a product. If you're still interested in the Soundshare splitter, you can pick it up free after rebate according to Thank Laurie for the find. She rocks.

So readers, what do you think? If you ran this company, would you be putting out press releases about audio splitters? Let us know in the comments.

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