Blizzard to offer compensation for patch issues

David Nelson
D. Nelson|12.07.06

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Blizzard to offer compensation for patch issues
Blizzard recently announced that they will be giving players a 24 hour time extension on all active accounts to make up for the difficulties of the past few days. Good news!

Now I know a lot of folks fall into the camp of "Well, it's fifty cents...who cares?" And really, if I think about it, I don't care about fifty cents either. You can't even buy a candy bar or a cup of coffee for that anymore. But, for me anyway, it is more the act of them admitting there was an error and trying to correct it in a manner that costs themselves money. They are basically forking over a days revenue, which is no small thing. While I'd prefer for them to keep my fifty cents and provide a patch that worked 100% of the time, it is nice they are admitting their problems.

Does this make any of you guys a little less annoyed? Or does it simply not matter and you only want to see a fully functioning game?
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