Logitech's Wireless DJ Music System reviewed

Darren Murph
D. Murph|12.07.06

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Logitech's Wireless DJ Music System reviewed
While the portable (and semi-portable) boombox market has grown out of control, the sound quality you receive from these mini systems can't exactly match up with the larger, more powerful, and more robust sound systems more suited for home theaters or living rooms. Although a dedicated HTPC can pipe digital audio directly into a receiver without too much fuss, the rest of us need a clean, wireless solution to that dilemma. Enter Logitech's Wireless DJ Music System, a remote-controlled, Bluetooth-based system that BlueTomorrow praises as "simple to install," easy to use, and as intuitive as anyone could hope for. Reviewers were stunned at the sleekness and stylishness of the black / silver remote, and found that the button layout, LCD screen, and overall functionality were all "top notch." Additionally, they found the system incredibly simple to set up, claiming that wireless connections were set and ready to rock "within seconds." While piping audio from internet radio streams, iTunes / MusicMatch playlists, and using the included StreamPoint software, the crew declared its operations seamless from 100 feet away. The only digs came from the inability to search from the remote, no loop scrolling, and the apparent inoperability with Macs. Overall, however, the system was deemed a glorious success, and was said to be an excellent value for those looking to channel their audio to that svelte home stereo for just $250.
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