UK's Channel 4 launches PC-based video on demand service

Updated ·1 min read

While major networks have started rebroadcasting episodes of their hit shows online, it looks like the UK's Channel 4 is taking the lucrative approach to offering up shows on the internet by launching its (PC only) 4oD video on demand service. Sure, remembering to set your precious DVR to capture those oh-so-priceless episodes of your SO's favorite shows is the ideal scenario, but Channel 4 is apparently hoping that your forgetful nature (and lackluster work firewall) will bring you over to its site in search of satisfaction. Inking a deal with PACT, the trade body of the independent production companies, the company will be splitting a currently undisclosed amount of the profits, but will be offering up commercial-free (at least initially) rebroadcasts of the past 30 days of programming. Additionally, "over 1,000 hours" of archived material will be available for download, and users will also be graced with "two free shows" per week just for stopping by. Episodes will run £0.99 ($1.96), where they can be viewed for two days, after which the file will "automatically delete itself" (until hackers figure out a way to save them, that is), while "films" will demand £1.99 ($3.93).

[Via Digital Lifestyles]